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Owner's cabin


Yacht: Gain Year Round Access to a Fleet of Private Super-Yachts
Our exclusive yachts are designed by Foster & Partners and built exclusively for our Programme, as part of an expanding fleet located in summer in the Mediterranean and winter in the Caribbean.

Service: Enjoy Consistent Service
Each super-yacht has a keen, reliable and fully trained crew, including Captain, chef de cuisine, engineer, two hostesses and a deckhand. In addition, we provide the Lifestyle Management team to make all necessary bookings on your behalf.  

Costs: Compelling Financials
The financials are compelling. Crew and maintenance costs are shared between the Owners. As an owner you benefit from a guaranteed number of weeks cruising each year in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, or receive revenue from chartering any unused weeks. As a result, you can enjoy affordable access to a genuine super-yacht.

No Hassle
YachtPlus takes the hassle out of Yacht ownership by managing, maintaining, crewing and repositioning the fleet on behalf of its Owners, keeping yachts in top condition all the time, without you having to lift a finger.